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Blogging. Seems like everyone’s doing it, but I certainly never intended to.  BUT I do like to write.  So, with a whisper in my head first compelling me to write a little something about a trip to the hospital with my dad last September, I began.  My daddy passed away suddenly a month later.  Unfortunately, the next time I wrote was as my mother lay on her deathbed a few weeks after that.  Grim, huh?  But not without purpose.  As I shared those two very personal narratives with friends and family, I was overwhelmed by the positive response.  People forwarding my writing to their family and friends and saying, “you really made me think.”  Huh?  I am stunned, but also humbled at how God directs my life sometimes.  (I will post those two items shortly, if only to keep it a permanent record of my writing journey.)

God’s whisper to write has now become something I can’t ignore: As I sort through the writings of my mom, I am feeling more and more the compulsion to write – mostly about the little bits of treasure I am finding, but I’m sure I’ll throw in some random thoughts about life in general now and then, as my thoughts tend to be a running narration anyway — maybe finally those insights will see pen to paper ~ or at least fingers to keyboard!

My dear mom was a pastor in active ministry for more than 60 years by the time of her death just before last Christmas at age 90.  As we go through her things, I find myself grabbing every single piece of paper, notebook and folder containing anything she wrote.  Another whisper from God, another compulsion… write!  Write WHAT, God?  Mom wrote so much — it will take months to organize and figure out what to do with it all, but the thing that overwhelms me the most right now is that I must write!  Some days I sense I am to co-author a book with her, perhaps.  A prospect so overwhelming I can’t imagine where to begin.  For now, though, I will write — and share with you some of the treasures I find along the way.  Mostly this blog will be dedicated to my mom, Gladys Johnson, and of course my daddy Lloyd, too.  I hope you’ll forgive me if I occasionally delve into other random topics that tickle my fancy. (For WAAAAY random topics, I’ll be posting at my other blog, Blondemonium.)  In the process, I aim to follow after love the way my mom taught me by her example, and maybe encourage someone in their journey along the way.  Here’s to an interesting year!