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Okay, so maybe it could be argued that I’m taking this blogging thing a little too seriously… I mean, starting two blogs at one time (when I can’t even manage to create a facebook page) is probably showing a bit more confidence in my writing prowess than necessary.  Even without posting more than once on each blog, I have found the process intriguing.  So many decisions to make – choosing a template, a background, choosing a name, a general topic, etc. is all mind-numbing in its detail.  Speaking of names, the Blondemonium thing came to me as I was searching the brain for something other than “Tami Romani’s Blog” or “Tami Talks” …snore…  Not that Blondemonium is all that clever, but I felt it gave me lots of leeway in the direction I might go — which, if I base this blog on the random narratives I produce in my brain everyday, is going to be necessary.   So, since I receive blonde jokes by the byteload in my inbox, I thought, why fight it?  I thought about “Blondelicious”, but since I don’t consider myself to be “‘licious” in anything, and really don’t want the family jokes and snickering that would arise from being so, um, “‘licious” I dropped that one.  Then there was “Blonde Ambition” which could play on my whole new ambition of needing to find a job and/or increase my voice over business in order to keep my son in college – until I found out that’s a movie title from 2007 starring none other than Jessica Simpson!  Um, NO.  So, thinking I had made up a new word, I googled “Blondemonium” and found a copy of Billboard from December 17, 1949 where the writer of an article about the Broadway opening of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” used it to describe Carol Channing’s performance.  Really!  Take a look here.  Is the internet great, or what?  Anyway, seriously, no one has used that made up word since then?  Hard to believe ~ maybe it was just meant to be….  Now, as for the blonde thing, yes, I am – have always been, and will always be, thank you very much — but no, it’s not quite natural (any more).  As a kid, I was so blonde, I was called a “toe head” (note to self:  google “toe head” sometime to find the origins of that crazy term).  Now, my roots indicate something along the lines of dirty blonde or ash blonde, with a bit o’ gray sprinkled about.  Come on, who wants to have a hair color with “dirty” or “ash” in the name?  Not me.
Fear not, those of you who have threatened to create a facebook page for me if I don’t do it soon (and you know who you are), I think that could be my next big adventure!

I love this little illustration  –  me thinks this lovely blonde is a bit intimidated by her glowing computer screen…. I don’t seem to have that problem….