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Honestly, the things people will do to win stuff! There I was, minding my own business, enjoying the music of Green River Ordinance (the warm-up band for the warm-up band for the Goo Goo Dolls) at the Greek Theatre last night, when one of the band members said something about “we’re giving away this guitar” and “send us a tweet and you could win.”  So I figured, there’s not that many people here yet, how many could possibly be tweeting?  Turned on my phone, looked up @GRO on twitter and found mucho tweets on the page, all saying something lame like “guitar, please” or “will bake brownies for guitar” or “entry for Greek contest” yada yada — you get the idea.  In between songs, one band member mentioned that they’d been together for 10 years and started playing in high school.   Then he said something about all of them being bad at sports so their parents bought them guitars.  So, I promptly tweeted to @GRO “You guys rock! My kid is bad at sports & needs a guitar!”
Switchfoot was up next, and as they rocked the Greek Theatre, I periodically looked at my phone to see if a response had come in.  Nothing. Huh. Guess I wasn’t more clever than all these people after all.  Intermission, then the Goo Goo Dolls are on – the reason we are here in the first place.   Nikki and I conspired to buy the tickets for her daddy’s Father’s Day gift, then she managed to land a job this summer serving at weddings for the same caterer that services the Greek, so she got us on a VIP list for the hospitality suite.  The Goo Goo Dolls did a great show – and thankfully performed “Better Days” …which they somehow forgot to do two years ago when they were here…

Meanwhile, no incoming tweets for @tamiromani saying she had won a guitar for her bad-at-sports kid! The next time I checked, my battery had died a final death for the night and the phone had completely given up the ghost.  At 10:30 we were heading for the car and on our way home shortly after that.

Thinking I should probably charge the phone before heading upstairs to bed, I plugged it in and let it power up.  Little noises, little twitter icons – what’s this?

“@GRO > @tamiromani:  you win! Come to merch after the goos”


So I start replying things like “phone died….. missed your tweet….any way to redeem?”

Those of you who know me well, are probably guessing (correctly) that if I don’t hear back in the next two minutes I am getting in the car and driving 23 miles one way back to the Greek Theatre to get my guitar!

So, I grabbed one of my bad-at-sports kids, hopped in his Scion, and hightailed it back up the 210 to the 134 to the 5 to Los Feliz Blvd. to the right-turn-at-the-big-fountain (hey, I’m a landmark girl, not a street names girl) until I was stopped by the LAPD officer saddled with the job of keeping people out of Griffith Park after its 10pm closing time.

“But officer, I won a guitar by tweeting the band during the concert and I just want to see if they are still there and I can get it and…..” With a roll of his eyes (I guess he decided that I wasn’t heading up the hill to vandalize the observatory) he let me through.  Now, I’m a woman on a mission.

Can I just say that those Roadies are super-efficient?  Concert over at 10:30, we arrive at 11:54 and the buses are idling and ready to pull out, the last of the equipment is being loaded in the semi-trucks and they are almost ready to ROLL!  Of course, I go to the gate anyway, and the Security Gal (I use the term very loosely, as she was sitting on a bench, winding hair strands around her finger to stay awake), suggested I go in the office to find out about the guitar.  Which, of course, I did.

The 6 people or so getting ready to leave the office at midnight after a VERY long day and trying to decide where to eat on the way home, listened to my story and stared blankly at me.  “Well, I hope you didn’t come too far…” When I told them my city, faces blank, they said “where?”  It’s clear to me that most people who live in L.A. do not EVER travel east of Pasadena.  If they can help it.  Ditto for me going west of Pasadena, but at least I know what order the cities fly by me on the freeway.  Anyway, the lady with the biggest desk offered to go backstage to “merch” to see if they left the guitar for me.  They didn’t.  So, she then offered to contact them next week to see what could be done about getting it to me.  Over and above the call, I say.

I’ll let you know what happens….