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I’m falling in love.
With my daughter, Nikki, away for 11 months on The World Race, I find myself a bit envious of her adventure at times.  But when I see the photos she posts, I fall in love.  Not only do I love my daughter more, seeing the world through her eyes has given me a new appreciation for the beauty of the people and places she is serving.

She has just finished the first of 11 months, and has spent nearly a month in Antigua Guatemala.  And I tell you – I’m in love.

I’m in love with her ministry team – Team Agape.  These young women are sisters, in every sense of the word.  They love each other and their love will only deepen as they face the world together.  I am blessed because they are blessing each other.

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I’m in love with the scenery.  Can you imagine spending a month living in the shadow of an active volcano?

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I’m in love with the town of Antigua Guatemala.  I imagine walking these colorful streets and taking in the colors and the people-watching at the farmer’s market.

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But mostly, I’m in love with the LOVE my daughter is sharing with these sweet people.

A precious little girl and her puppy…


This sweet little one in church one Sunday…


The precious abandoned elderly at the “Grandpa House” where Nikki shared her love and joy with these precious souls…1601345_731774651214_457602171_n       1618426_731775624264_588408918_n

Painting with them… Offering a simple touch, or a hug and a smile… Playing checkers with them…

And even making a new checkerboard for Roberto.  He was so proud, he asked her to sign her name in the corner & carries it with him everywhere!  Nikki and Roberto played checkers every day she was at the Grandpa House, and the best she could do was tie a game with him!  He’s a checkers master.

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Yes, as my daughter’s world expands, so does mine.  I will spend this time quietly taking in the sights through her eyes, the turmoil and heartbreak and victories through her words.  And while I count the days until she returns safely home to us, I know she is exactly where she is called to be.  And I will love every moment.