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Oh, wait.  Yes, I did.  Just not this one.
I’d been taking an online class on how to start an online store.  It looked like the best option for our current situation: husband is about to finish a construction job without a new one on the horizon & me not quite up to speed in my voiceover business meant we would soon be drawing on our home equity line of credit for living expenses.  Ouch.

I had my store all planned – I’d chosen my product line and bought a domain name.  I was in pretty deep.

And then, I saw the facebook post from a friend. A male friend. About how much better he felt about his appearance since using a product called NeriumAD.  So I called him.

I can’t say I’ve tried everything, but I’ve certainly tried enough. My last purchase was a $99 bottle of night cream by a famous direct sales cosmetic company from a cute and very pregnant gal who came to my house to give me a “free” consultation.  I wanted to help her by buying something, and I believe my words were, “well, I’m always looking for a night cream that works for me.”   I know you feel my pain.

My mother, bless her heart, used to go to bed every night with her face greased up with cold cream.  I don’t know how she didn’t slide off the bed onto the floor, really.  I was looking for something, but not willing to go to those lengths to correct what was happening to my face.

And what was happening to my face, anyway?  Well, in a nutshell – I was looking in the mirror and thinking, wow do I look tired! And old. And worn out. And… like my daddy.  Gaaaah! I love you, dad, but I was more hoping to look like my beautiful mama as I aged and not you, sorry.

And so, the progression of night creams and systems continued.  Until I saw that Facebook post.  The one where a man talked about how great his skin looked after using NeriumAD for less than a month.

I believe my next words went something like, HOW SOON CAN I GET SOME????