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I’ve been invited to participate in a 31 day writing journey this month.

This is no small thing. For me, 31 days of doing anything consistently is a stretch, especially writing. Ideas are not a problem, my brain is constantly overflowing with subjects to write about – it’s actually sitting down, fingers to keyboard I struggle with. Since my theme word for 2014 is DEEPER, it follows that I should be diving deeper into all aspects of life: my faith, my family, my recreation, my voiceover work, and yes, my writing.

So, here goes. For the 31 days of October, I’ll be exploring one topic: GRATITUDE. Let’s go deep into the subject of gratitude, and what it takes to cultivate a truly grateful heart while living day to day in a whiny, self-absorbed world. We will be learning together. I’m pretty sure it will be good for both of us.

Let’s connect on all things social media, and be challenged to change our minds and our hearts to live in purposeful gratitude. Subscribe to this blog, follow me on Twitter, watch for me on Instagram, and like my Facebook page. I’d love your comments, too – feedback is the kick in the pants every writer needs. Just sayin’

Look for these hashtags:



See you tomorrow!