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… Or am I grateful that I’m thankful?
Which brings up a point – WHAT is the difference?

The dictionary isn’t much help –

I mean, really – what are we to do with this?

grateful definition

Especially when we then look at this?

Thankful definition


If THANKFUL and GRATEFUL are synonyms, then shall I just call it a day & forget about going deeper into this idea of cultivating a grateful heart over the next month?

No. Look closer.

We can have a thankful heart. We can have a grateful heart. They are similar, but I would say they are indeed different. There is a certain depth to gratitude that isn’t present in thankfulness. Call it semantics, but I think it’s more than that.

It would seem gratitude is a state of being, and thankfulness expresses that gratitude.

Got that?

Gratitude is a feeling. Thankfulness is about expression.

I’m excited to explore this topic and go deeper. I’d love to know your thoughts ~

Do you think there is a difference between being grateful and being thankful?


Thankful definition