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Tami found her love for speech many decades ago when

a college professor had her climb to the top of the football stadium bleachers while he stood at the 50 yard line and told her to talk, not yell, so he could hear her. Captivated by the power of voice technique, she began her journey towards learning about the art of speech.

After a couple of radio news stints, she landed her dream job and worked her way up the ladder to producer of an internationally syndicated radio talk show, while staying connected to the voiceover industry.

Tami left her job as a producer nearly three decades ago to raise her family and hone her voiceover craft.  She never looked back.  Her joy of telling stories through a microphone has kept her happily busy ever since, and has earned her two nominations in the Voice Arts Awards. Her passion is helping business owners learn to tell their brand’s story by giving the right voice to their brand, with a simple strategy for confidence and clarity.

In her free time, Tami is a fun grandma, enjoys everything about the outdoors, loves networking, is learning how to optimize her health, likes to write, helps her husband promote his construction company, and pretends to offer helpful advice to her adult kids.