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From Heart Disease to Helping Moms Find Peace – It’s Mother’s Turn with Elizabeth Hughes-Callison (Empty Nest Empires podcast, episode 18)

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Elizabeth Hughes-Callison has an incredible story of surviving a heart defect that doctors failed to diagnose in her childhood. As a young mom, she pushed through the rigors of motherhood and working full time until she reached a point of crisis in her health and needed life-saving open heart surgery. Elizabeth slowly learned she must care for herself first in order to be able to care for others later. Now, she mentors other moms who are reaching the point of no return in their health and exhaustion by encouraging them that it’s okay to make changes that will improve their quality of life. It’s your turn, mama. 

You can connect with Elizabeth and learn about her upcoming workshops on her website: It’s Mother’s Turn

or on Instagram: @ItsMothersTurn

The Empty Nest Empires podcast is hosted by Tami Romani and available on iTunes or your favorite podcast app. This episode first aired on February 7, 2020 on Go Red for Women Day, a day to speak up for women’s heart health. You can find more info about The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Day at GoRedForWomen.org

or heart.org

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Let’s MOVE ON from January! (Empty Nest Empires podcast, episode 17)

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Oh boy, scroll through Instagram or Facebook today and you’ll see just how rough January was for so many… well, the good news is, January is OVER and now we can move on! Let’s not waste time on how January came with all the big expectations, but didn’t live up to them – let’s roll into February with a new focus, new hope and new drive to make it even better.

Today we’ll talk about leaving behind a rough month and also about the fact that there is always a story behind the story – we don’t know what we don’t know.

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Redefining Life When the Nest is Empty with Author Mel Greenberg (Empty Nest Empires Podcast, episode 16)

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I’ve got a special treat for you today – my guest is Mel Greenberg, author of Running With Our Eyes Closed and contributor to Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.

Don’t you just love how things can unexpectedly come together on the internet? Mel and I met just over a week ago on Instagram, and I suspect this is just the beginning of a longtime connection. I think you will be inspired by Mel. Her story of redefining her life through a cancer diagnosis and the woes of a sudden empty nest will leave you with hope for your own future.

Mel is the married mother of two sons in their early twenties. She worked as a copywriter and producer in radio and television before having children and making the decision to stay at home with them full-time. Once she became an empty nester, Mel struggled to find her voice and direction. Ultimately, it was her passion for writing and the discovery that she was not alone that led her to write. 

I hope you will connect with Mel and let her know how her story helped you!

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Read Mel’s inspiring story of overcoming cancer on her blog post: Two Words by Mel Greenberg

Her books on Amazon:

Running With Our Eyes Closed

Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change

New Episodes Coming Soon! Here’s an Update…(Voicing Your Brand podcast, episode 18)

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It’s been a minute, right? I hope you have been happily being the voice of your brand without any missteps while I was gone. Truth is, I’ve been nurturing a new podcast called Empty Nest Empires and found that trying to do both was biting off more than I could chew. 

…but I do miss you, and I promise there will be new episodes coming soon. Here’s a quick update for you. In the meantime, I hope you will hop on over to Empty Nest Empires and check it out. (It’s not just for empty nesters.)

See you again soon!


Dreams and Intentions and Goals, Oh My! (episode 14, Empty Nest Empires Podcast)

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If you haven’t reviewed your past year yet, go back to episode 13 of Empty Nest Empires and listen for some great tips on reviewing last year with the intention of setting yourself up for success in the new year!

Next, we start by casting a vision for the future – decide who you need to become and where you want to be, so you can set goals to get you there. Tami dives in to the concept of BE DO HAVE and the difference it makes in getting you to a place of setting goals that really will change your life.

If you are feeling left behind by all the 2020 goal setting talk going on right now, this episode has got you covered! Let’s talk about the next three months, that all. Tami will co over some easy ways to get your priorities lined up so you can tackle big goals one at a time. Click the link above to download the free workbook that will be helpful as you work through this process… and be sure to come back in 90 days to repeat the process!

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Review Your Past Year and Set Yourself Up for Success in the New Year with Tammy Helfrich (episode 13, Empty Nest Empires podcast)

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My guest today is Tammy Helfrich. Tammy is a life coach, speaker, writer and podcast host. Her intuitive way of coaching has helped so many women sort through the internal clutter and fully become their authentic selves.  

In this episode, Tammy and I dive in to her process of reviewing the past year, so that we can have realistic expectations and can set goals for the coming year. So before you get hung up on what goals to set for 2020, I hope you’ll listen to our chat and do a thorough review of 2019 first.

I love Tammy’s ability to help women dream again. She walks women through what they need to do to think on these things and find out what can bring them to being truly healthy. She shares her own journey through this process, and talks about how she woke up to the fact that it’s not selfish to learn to take care of ourselves. 

Tammy has some great tips on choosing a theme word for the year and how that might help push you forward. Above all, the key is to find what works for YOU. 

I hope you loved hearing from Tammy Helfrich today, and that you will follow up with her. Would you let her know you heard this episode? Here’s how to connect with her:

Tammy is offering a group coaching program beginning in January of 2020 – you can find out more about that here: http://www.tammyhelfrich.com/coaching

Tammy on Facebook

Tammy on Instagram
You can listen to Tammy’s podcast, Intentional Life with Tammy Helfrich, on iTunes here and on her website here.

The Green Velvet Christmas Dress – a Legacy Story with Melea J. Brock (episode 12, Empty Nest Empires podcast)

The Green Velvet Christmas Dress – a Legacy Story with Melea J. Brock (episode 12, Empty Nest Empires podcast)

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Welcome to a kitchen table conversation with author and storyteller Melea J. Brock about her latest book, The Green Velvet Christmas Dress. A dress that begins with a bolt of beautiful green velvet fabric in 1880 and is remade and repurposed for several generations, always bringing a message of hope with each generation it touches.

We hope you enjoy this conversation and that it sparks your own ideas for how you can leave a legacy of hope that will last through generations. 

You can buy the book and join Melea’s email list on her website here: Right Side Up Stories

Connect with Melea on Instagram and Facebook 

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Remember to live your story out loud and on purpose!

Have a beautiful Christmas!

You Are Not Too Old and It’s Not Too Late! (episode 11, Empty Nest Empires Podcast)

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Oh boy, not much frustrates me more than when I hear someone say “I don’t do that thing  because I’m OLD.” And I hear it more often than I’d like. You can fill in the blank with things like “email” “get a new smart phone” “learn a new skill” “run a marathon” “write a book” etc. etc. but the message is the same: “I think I’m too old to learn to do a new thing.” 

Well, I’m here to debunk that attitude. In this episode, I’ll share from a list of people who became famous or tried something new or conquered a new milestone after age 40. One even said, “my 90’s were the most productive years of my life.” (It’s my goal to be able to say that one day, by the way…) This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if it helps to make you think about trying something new, then my mission is accomplished. In addition to these more well-known people, we all know someone older who ignores their age and does interesting things anyway, and we secretly admire them. 

So let’s lose that self-imposed roadblock and try new things, shall we? 

Send me a DM or comment on one of my Instagram posts with what you’ll be doing, in spite of your age! 😉 I’m @tamiromani on every platform, but here’s the direct link to my Instagram.

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A Legacy of Fun Family Memories (Empty Nest Empires podcast, episode 10)

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I guess I forgot to learn this from my mom…

Do you have any regrets after losing a loved one? As I fumbled through making Thanksgiving pies this week, I realized I forgot to learn how to make my mom’s perfect pie crust. 

Don’t wait to wish you’d learned something from a loved one… this episode will encourage you to reach out now to someone with a story you want to hear or a skill you want to learn – and do it now. 

Let me know who you reached out to!