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Dreams and Intentions and Goals, Oh My! (episode 14, Empty Nest Empires Podcast)

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If you haven’t reviewed your past year yet, go back to episode 13 of Empty Nest Empires and listen for some great tips on reviewing last year with the intention of setting yourself up for success in the new year!

Next, we start by casting a vision for the future – decide who you need to become and where you want to be, so you can set goals to get you there. Tami dives in to the concept of BE DO HAVE and the difference it makes in getting you to a place of setting goals that really will change your life.

If you are feeling left behind by all the 2020 goal setting talk going on right now, this episode has got you covered! Let’s talk about the next three months, that all. Tami will co over some easy ways to get your priorities lined up so you can tackle big goals one at a time. Click the link above to download the free workbook that will be helpful as you work through this process… and be sure to come back in 90 days to repeat the process!

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Review Your Past Year and Set Yourself Up for Success in the New Year with Tammy Helfrich (episode 13, Empty Nest Empires podcast)

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My guest today is Tammy Helfrich. Tammy is a life coach, speaker, writer and podcast host. Her intuitive way of coaching has helped so many women sort through the internal clutter and fully become their authentic selves.  

In this episode, Tammy and I dive in to her process of reviewing the past year, so that we can have realistic expectations and can set goals for the coming year. So before you get hung up on what goals to set for 2020, I hope you’ll listen to our chat and do a thorough review of 2019 first.

I love Tammy’s ability to help women dream again. She walks women through what they need to do to think on these things and find out what can bring them to being truly healthy. She shares her own journey through this process, and talks about how she woke up to the fact that it’s not selfish to learn to take care of ourselves. 

Tammy has some great tips on choosing a theme word for the year and how that might help push you forward. Above all, the key is to find what works for YOU. 

I hope you loved hearing from Tammy Helfrich today, and that you will follow up with her. Would you let her know you heard this episode? Here’s how to connect with her:

Tammy is offering a group coaching program beginning in January of 2020 – you can find out more about that here: http://www.tammyhelfrich.com/coaching

Tammy on Facebook

Tammy on Instagram
You can listen to Tammy’s podcast, Intentional Life with Tammy Helfrich, on iTunes here and on her website here.

The Green Velvet Christmas Dress – a Legacy Story with Melea J. Brock (episode 12, Empty Nest Empires podcast)

The Green Velvet Christmas Dress – a Legacy Story with Melea J. Brock (episode 12, Empty Nest Empires podcast)

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Welcome to a kitchen table conversation with author and storyteller Melea J. Brock about her latest book, The Green Velvet Christmas Dress. A dress that begins with a bolt of beautiful green velvet fabric in 1880 and is remade and repurposed for several generations, always bringing a message of hope with each generation it touches.

We hope you enjoy this conversation and that it sparks your own ideas for how you can leave a legacy of hope that will last through generations. 

You can buy the book and join Melea’s email list on her website here: Right Side Up Stories

Connect with Melea on Instagram and Facebook 

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Remember to live your story out loud and on purpose!

Have a beautiful Christmas!

You Are Not Too Old and It’s Not Too Late! (episode 11, Empty Nest Empires Podcast)

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Oh boy, not much frustrates me more than when I hear someone say “I don’t do that thing  because I’m OLD.” And I hear it more often than I’d like. You can fill in the blank with things like “email” “get a new smart phone” “learn a new skill” “run a marathon” “write a book” etc. etc. but the message is the same: “I think I’m too old to learn to do a new thing.” 

Well, I’m here to debunk that attitude. In this episode, I’ll share from a list of people who became famous or tried something new or conquered a new milestone after age 40. One even said, “my 90’s were the most productive years of my life.” (It’s my goal to be able to say that one day, by the way…) This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if it helps to make you think about trying something new, then my mission is accomplished. In addition to these more well-known people, we all know someone older who ignores their age and does interesting things anyway, and we secretly admire them. 

So let’s lose that self-imposed roadblock and try new things, shall we? 

Send me a DM or comment on one of my Instagram posts with what you’ll be doing, in spite of your age! 😉 I’m @tamiromani on every platform, but here’s the direct link to my Instagram.

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A Legacy of Fun Family Memories (Empty Nest Empires podcast, episode 10)

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I guess I forgot to learn this from my mom…

Do you have any regrets after losing a loved one? As I fumbled through making Thanksgiving pies this week, I realized I forgot to learn how to make my mom’s perfect pie crust. 

Don’t wait to wish you’d learned something from a loved one… this episode will encourage you to reach out now to someone with a story you want to hear or a skill you want to learn – and do it now. 

Let me know who you reached out to!

Walking Mom Home – A Tribute to My Mom’s Great Legacy (episode 9, Empty Nest Empires podcast)

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In this episode, I’m gonna share something personal, but oh so important. Listen to a piece I wrote 10 years ago as my mom was in her last hours of life. I still think it’s the best way to honor her now, ten years later.

I hope it touches you, and makes you think.

Would you reach out to me on social media and let me know you if this gave you some important insight, or even a sweet smile? I’m @tamiromani on every platform.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

xox Tami

P.S. Here’s the text of

Walking Mom Home by Tami Romani 12/21/09

This is hard. This business of watching someone die. Really, really HARD. But as with all things that are hard, it has had its joys, as well. Right now I suppose I can’t think of any, but I am sure they are there. My dad went quickly, just over two months ago. We barely said good‐bye. Now it’s mom’s turn, and the good‐byes seem endless. It’s a paradox, really. You want it to be over, but you never want it to be over, for that means your beloved mom is gone. But I promised myself I would walk my mom Home, and, along with my brother and sister and my husband, that is what I’m doing.

Sitting for days watching the natural progression of death, or THE PROCESS as we have come to know and hate the phrase, causes a person to evaluate life at its most basic level. What will my children be saying to me and about me when faced with this same scenario?

Actually, that was the easy part. And possibly the joyous part, as well. Aside from some silly quirks that we loved to tease her about, my mom was darn near perfect. I’m not kidding. This woman, born on a farm in the midst of a great flu epidemic, was tough as nails. A self‐described tomboy, she grew up in a family of 5 girls, and 3 boys. Her dad nicknamed her “Johnny.” Always joyful, smiling, and full of life, she had great stories, and what a storyteller she was!

And yet, she was an enigma. By the time I came along she was 40 and had lived nearly half her life. She was polished, educated, and well versed in her parenting and pastoring skills. She always said I was a compliant child, so I guess that didn’t hurt, but she had this way about her that just made me want to please her. Spanking wasn’t necessary – it was THE LOOK that made me want to do the right thing, and never disappoint this amazing Woman of God. I wouldn’t be truthful if I said I actually accomplished that….. But that’s another story.

Yes, I was the youngest daughter of a lady preacher. It made for an interesting life, to say the least. She was a tell‐it‐like it is, no‐nonsense person who continually believed in her children and their greatness. Some of the most important lessons and biblical truths I learned were from watching my mom.

There was the time a man came to the door, asking for a handout. We lived in the house next to the church, and everyone knew it. I stood back as I watched her tell the man to sit on the front step while she went to the kitchen and made a sandwich. Bringing it to him with a drink, she shared Jesus’ love in a tangible way and he was grateful. When I asked her why she didn’t give the man a couple of bucks and send him on his way, she told me the Bible says that we could be entertaining angels, unaware, and proceeded to tell me a story from her childhood during the great depression. One of her most vivid memories of God’s provision was when her family sat down to eat at a table with no food. After saying grace, there was a knock. The man at the door said he was from a new bakery in town and they were delivering bread samples to the local families. That night, the large family gave thanks for a generous businessman. Upon asking around the next day, though, they could find no one who knew of this bakery. It didn’t exist. So, the family story has always been that an angel brought the loaves of bread that night. For the rest of her life, she never wavered in her belief that God would always provide what they needed. And He always did.

Being the daughter of a lady preacher in the 60’s and 70’s gave me a sense that I was part of the Women’s Movement long before it became the mainstream. I could do anything. There was no boundary that would hold me back from what I wanted to do because my mom had blasted through the ultimate glass ceiling. She was a woman doing the work of a Man of God. And she did it well. Her sermons were compelling, her counseling wise and her prophesies accurate. At home she was just “mom” to us and “Mrs. J” to my brother’s buddies, but to the rest of the world she was a force to be reckoned with.

The authority with which mom prayed and preached was not lost on me, even as a young girl. Without saying a word, she taught me about spiritual warfare and the dire consequences of taking it lightly. It seemed that the enemy was constantly on the attack, and she handled each one with a firm grace that defied what must have been going on inside of her. I knew, without her ever telling me, that if her bedroom door was closed, she was in prayer. And not the sit on the edge of your bed God Bless Yous, either. She was in the fervent, groaning in the spirit kind of prayer that turns God’s ear a little bit closer.

Her favorite saying was, “But God!” When things looked hopeless and bleak, she would say, “But God!” When she would write in her journal about the destruction in the church brought by people with jealous spirits, she would write, “But God!” When she was discouraged about family members she had prayed for without an answer, she would say, “But God!” Her faith and confidence never waivered. Ever.

So I guess walking my mom Home really started when we began our walk through life together. I have gleaned 50 years of experience and knowledge from her. Some I have used already, most I suppose I have yet to draw from. But now, in these final moments of her life they come crashing through my brain like a flash flood. It is almost overwhelming, the legacy she leaves me. I only hope I can do the same for my own children.

Copyright Tami Romani 12/21/09 *All Rights Reserved*

Before You Quit Your Job with Keenya Kelly (episode 8, Empty Nest Empires Podcast)

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In today’s episode, my guest Keenya Kelly lays out the strategy for preparing to quit your job as you launch into the deep waters of entrepreneurship. Are you ready to quit your job? 

Before You Quit Your Job: A Strategic Guide for Entrepreneurs was written with you in mind. Keenya says she has seen too many people quit their job too soon, and end up losing everything – including their dream of entrepreneurship.

Through her own experience, Keenya shares the most important steps to take to make sure you position yourself for success, even if your new business flounders at first. She stresses the importance of having a job to take care of your daily needs, a dream to work towards, and a hustle to help pay for that dream. 

And if you are a writer, or think you might have a book inside of you – you’ll want to listen to the end where Keenya shares how she supernaturally was able to write, publish, and record the audiobook in a total of just two months time. I still am amazed at the speed of her process. She details her process, and the long list items she had to check off in order to get to the finish line. 

Here are some links to what we talked about:

Keenya’s websites: KeenyaKelly.com and IfYouBrandIt.com

Purchase Keenya’s book from her website to get a free download of her audiobook, and other bonuses: keenyakelly.com/book

or on Amazon (no bonus content): Before You Quit Your Job: A Strategic Guide for Entrepreneurs

Keenya mentioned a book by Stephen R. Covey: 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Connect with Keenya on Instagram @Keenya_Kelly

and on Facebook:@keenyakelly


Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, I hope you’ll let Keenya know, and share it with your friends. A review wherever you listen to podcasts would be so appreciated!

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How to Survive and Thrive after Brain Injury with Sheri McIntyre (episode 7 of Empty Nest Empires)

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I met my guest, Sheri McIntyre, through the magic of social media. She reached out to me several months ago via Instagram messenger, and my life has not been the same since.

Sheri was in the best shape of her life – and (she thought) the best health of her life when the unthinkable happened – a sudden rupture of a brain aneurysm left her helpless on New Years Day, 2016. Helpless, yes. Hopeless, no. Something inside Sheri rose up with strength and fortitude and she was determined to do whatever it takes to get better. She slowly learned how to walk and talk again – and now, not even four years from that day – she has written a book.

I hope you will be inspired by Sheri’s story. She reminds us all to have hope in the darkest of times, and to always look for the light, and then work hard to keep reaching for it. Above all, Sheri would like everyone who hears her story to THINK.

Here are some resources we mentioned in this interview:

Connect with Sheri on Instagram @compassionate.snob

>>>Let her know you heard this podcast!

Sheri’s book, Compassionate Snob, is available on Amazon

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation website (bafound.org)


Let’s continue the discussion over on Instagram and Facebook! Reach out to me and let me know what impacted you the most in this episode. You can find me @tamiromani on every single platform. 

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How to Be Healthy Enough with Amy Van Liew (Empty Nest Empires, episode 6)

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Hi Empire Builders! I am really happy that my first episode after the introductions we’ve been doing is this one about being healthy enough. I’ve noticed a tendency to have an all or nothing mentality in this area. Every time we open a magazine or turn on the TV we are bombarded with images of others we would like to emulate, but really – it’s unattainable for most of us. So what do we do? We do nothing. 

My guest today is going to teach you a better way. A way to be healthy enough – for you. Amy Van Liew spent 26 years as an engineer for HP, and when she took early retirement at age 50, she knew she needed to improve her health. All those years of corporate sitting had taken a toll. So, she educated herself and now is helping midlifers find the balance they need to be healthy enough. Healthy enough to enjoy life on their terms. I hope this episode sparks some ideas for changes you can make to be your healthiest self.

Here are some of the resources we referenced in this interview:

Book by Jack Canfield: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Instagram account comparing photo shopped images to real life (in her IG stories): @indyink

Connect with Amy:

Sign up here for Amy’s 5 Minutes for 5 Days Challenge

Be Healthy Enough on Instagram and Facebook

YouTube: Amy Van Liew Fitness

Connect with Tami – Instagram and Facebook

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