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Give Voice to a Fuller Life

I love springtime. It brings the promise of new life and change. At any given moment, the new songs of birds and vibrant colors of budding flowers saturate the senses. I was granted life in springtime, which may be why I love it so much.
Seasons come and go in life. Like the coming of spring, a new season has been brewing in me for awhile now and just when I’m reaching the age when many women slow down, I’m feeling a desire to ramp things up.

Life. Isn’t it funny? Change is inevitable, and we can either embrace it, or fight it. We can grow with it, or stunt our growth by kicking and screaming our way to oblivion. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic. Think about it, though… don’t you know that person who just wants to quit on life? To just sit and vegetate for the rest of his or her days? I do.

But that’s not me. And if you’re reading this, I suspect that’s not you either.

We know we need to change and grow. It’s a strong desire we think about. A lot. What I’ve found though, is a chasm of disconnect between the knowing and the doing.  I know I need to lose a few pounds. I know I need to organize my life. I know I need to allow for some down time to relax and recharge. But do I DO it? Nope. Not whole-heartedly, anyway.

It’s nice to think about changing myself. I envision what it would be like to be my ideal (for me) weight and shop for clothes without disgust. I think about how efficient I would be if my office was tidy. I love the idea of how much my mind would be cleared if I got rid of some of the clutter in my home. I fantasize about taking a day off to play with my grandson without feeling like I have a ton of things that need to be accomplished.

A month later, I’m still thinking. There is no doing. And in all of this thinking and not doing, I’ve learned something very important: I have to speak the change I want to happen. It must have a voice. Thinking about it to myself gets me absolutely nowhere. Goals and visions for my future must be written down and spoken to allow for my conscious brain to actually get it, and begin moving towards the changes I seek.

voicing change (1)

Okay, so let’s make a deal: I’m in if you are. I’m 57 years old today and I’ve got big dreams and plans. None of it will happen unless I take the leap of giving a voice to those things that must change in order to reach those dreams. I’d like a fuller life, but there’s some stuff in the way. How about we work together on voicing change to a fuller life?

That sounds pretty good.

Today is my birthday and it’s time for a change. I’m giving it a voice.



I didn’t MEAN to start a new business…

Oh, wait.  Yes, I did.  Just not this one.
I’d been taking an online class on how to start an online store.  It looked like the best option for our current situation: husband is about to finish a construction job without a new one on the horizon & me not quite up to speed in my voiceover business meant we would soon be drawing on our home equity line of credit for living expenses.  Ouch.

I had my store all planned – I’d chosen my product line and bought a domain name.  I was in pretty deep.

And then, I saw the facebook post from a friend. A male friend. About how much better he felt about his appearance since using a product called NeriumAD.  So I called him.

I can’t say I’ve tried everything, but I’ve certainly tried enough. My last purchase was a $99 bottle of night cream by a famous direct sales cosmetic company from a cute and very pregnant gal who came to my house to give me a “free” consultation.  I wanted to help her by buying something, and I believe my words were, “well, I’m always looking for a night cream that works for me.”   I know you feel my pain.

My mother, bless her heart, used to go to bed every night with her face greased up with cold cream.  I don’t know how she didn’t slide off the bed onto the floor, really.  I was looking for something, but not willing to go to those lengths to correct what was happening to my face.

And what was happening to my face, anyway?  Well, in a nutshell – I was looking in the mirror and thinking, wow do I look tired! And old. And worn out. And… like my daddy.  Gaaaah! I love you, dad, but I was more hoping to look like my beautiful mama as I aged and not you, sorry.

And so, the progression of night creams and systems continued.  Until I saw that Facebook post.  The one where a man talked about how great his skin looked after using NeriumAD for less than a month.

I believe my next words went something like, HOW SOON CAN I GET SOME????