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Before You Quit Your Job with Keenya Kelly (episode 8, Empty Nest Empires Podcast)

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In today’s episode, my guest Keenya Kelly lays out the strategy for preparing to quit your job as you launch into the deep waters of entrepreneurship. Are you ready to quit your job? 

Before You Quit Your Job: A Strategic Guide for Entrepreneurs was written with you in mind. Keenya says she has seen too many people quit their job too soon, and end up losing everything – including their dream of entrepreneurship.

Through her own experience, Keenya shares the most important steps to take to make sure you position yourself for success, even if your new business flounders at first. She stresses the importance of having a job to take care of your daily needs, a dream to work towards, and a hustle to help pay for that dream. 

And if you are a writer, or think you might have a book inside of you – you’ll want to listen to the end where Keenya shares how she supernaturally was able to write, publish, and record the audiobook in a total of just two months time. I still am amazed at the speed of her process. She details her process, and the long list items she had to check off in order to get to the finish line. 

Here are some links to what we talked about:

Keenya’s websites: KeenyaKelly.com and IfYouBrandIt.com

Purchase Keenya’s book from her website to get a free download of her audiobook, and other bonuses: keenyakelly.com/book

or on Amazon (no bonus content): Before You Quit Your Job: A Strategic Guide for Entrepreneurs

Keenya mentioned a book by Stephen R. Covey: 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Connect with Keenya on Instagram @Keenya_Kelly

and on Facebook:@keenyakelly


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Facebook is broken!! (Now what?)

What do I do??????

In case you haven’t noticed, both Facebook and Instagram were down for much of the day. Worldwide.

(And on a day I planned the first of several live coaching calls into my VIP Facebook group for my Confident Voice course.) I mean, get yourself together, internet!

We have become so dependent on social media for promotions and making connections that we forget the human element to business. It was a wakeup call for me, for sure. I spent the first half of my morning trying in vain to upload the same short videos to my Instagram stories, and the second half making plans to go turn my phone in for a new one! Then I turned to The Google for help where I found a website called downdetector – Here’s a quick video I made to give you an overview of that site:

After being assured this was not my problem, and there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I COULD DO ABOUT IT, I was able to exhale a bit.

Ridiculous, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

Even though I now knew the problem, I had to think about my other options…

  • Number one being email.
  • Another one, the phone. (Yes, I do know no one makes actual phone calls anymore – but what if we did?)
  • Then there’s Twitter (which was HOPPING today),
  • and LinkedIn.
  • Meetings can be held on Zoom…
  • Snapchat was an option,
  • as well as TikTok. (What?)

So breathe a sigh of relief knowing it’s not you – it’s them!

But I do want to know – if it happens again, what will you do to connect with your customers/clients/prospects/team/tribe?

More details coming…

If you’d like to know how to have a viable business that sees social media as a side gig, rather than the main plan, click here to get on my list for the Empire Builders Elite membership that’s in the works. (Okay, yes, I kinda want to call it Empty Nest Empire Builders Elite – BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t join if you’re not an empty nester!😉It just means you want to plan well for those 40’s to 60’s years…)

Ah, fun day of tech issues. Maybe it’s time to go watch a movie…

Is Netflix still working?

To Your Success,


How to Have a Purposeful Life and Business with Corie Clark (Voicing Your Brand Podcast, episode 15)

Corie Clark is a business educator, the author of the Simplicity Project, creator of The Purposeful Planner, and voice of Purpose with Corie Clark Podcast. She loves not only helping others find their purpose, but equipping them to live it out and turn it into a profitable business through her Purposeful Business Academy and her VIP membership lounge. It was my joy to have Corie as a guest on Voicing Your Brand today. 

Corie has a heart for helping women pursue their purpose with passion and simplicity, and hers is a business that was born from her own need to simplify her life and make room for more purpose. To attach the chaos of her life, she began by taking a few minutes a day to clear the clutter from her schedule, her digital life, and her home life – and wrote about it on her blog. From that experience her book, The Simplicity Project, was born.

Then people started asking for a planner. Corie didn’t find one that met her needs, so she created one and called it The Purposeful Planner. Corie struggled at first with being the voice of her brand, but found that just making the leap and taking action has increased her confidence.

Corie loves the current trend of tidying up, but thinks the technique of taking many hours to do a task doesn’t make sense for most women. If you can set a timer for 15 minutes and fill a bag with clothing or things you know you’ll never need again – you’re done, the bag is full, and it’s out of your house – it’s so freeing!

The mission of helping women have a purposeful business is what drives Corie these days. She says the very first step is so important – it will turn into something great. It’s important to talk about your ideas – when you share it with someone, it brings it to life. You can’t figure this out without taking that first tiny step!

Another important component to discovering your purpose is community. Corie and I met in a very supportive Facebook group started by author Jon Acuff – we both agree that if not for that group, we probably would not have stepped out of our comfort zones to do what we are each doing now! Corie says that the most important thing she learned is how important it is to get things out to the world even if they are not perfect – do it messy, but get something out there. Perfectionism will paralyze you.

Corie leaves us with these thoughts: when you find something you’re passionate about and you can help other people along their journey – you can turn that into a business. She is energized by helping women discover their purpose, live it out and create a profitable business from it!

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Does Practicing Gratitude Help Your Business? (Voicing Your Brand, episode 5)

Does Practicing Gratitude Help Your Business? (Voicing Your Brand, episode 5)

It’s Thanksgiving week and this is the month where we typically turn our thoughts toward Thankfulness and gratitude. Since this is the natural time for reflection as we approach the holidays, I thought we would dive in to some of the ways practicing gratitude can shift your mind, heart and business. Maybe we should keep an attitude of gratitude at the front of our minds all year long.

As a society, we are quick to see the negative in a situation. In fact, it’s been said that we typically tend to give negative feedback ten times more often than positive. If that’s true, then we also are on the receiving end of the negative feedback ten times more than hearing a positive angle of things.

A quick google search for how does gratitude help business will come up with articles in such well known business publications such as Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and fast company.

There are several reasons why a daily practice of gratitude can help improve your business.

  • Showing gratitude builds trust and promotes excellence. This is especially important if you are leading a team.
  • Gratitude leads to happiness and productivity.
  • Having an attitude of gratitude draws people to you. (And we KNOW that is always good for business!)

In this episode, I referenced these articles:

Forbes Magazine and Inc. Magazine

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What’s Holding You Back? [Voicing Your Brand, episode 4]

What’s Holding You Back? 4 Things to Consider… [Voicing Your Brand, Episode 4]

In this episode, Tami discusses the 3 things that held her back from launching this podcast for more than a year, even though she KNEW it was what she should do next. She talks about overcoming those obstacles and adds a 4th thing that might be holding you back from pursuing your purpose and calling.

  1. Voiceover is an anonymous profession. It’s much easier to hide behind a microphone and let my voice be heard without my name attached to the work, than produce something of substance with my name on it and the outcome attached to my personal brand. It feels very vulnerable.
  2. Imposter Syndrome – who hasn’t felt they are not qualified for the job they are called to do?
  3. Perfectionism – all chasing after perfectionism does is keep you from launching. Click here for Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection
  4. Your Voice – you think others won’t like it. For the most part, your voice is just fine. The 7 Day Vocal Makeover is coming up to help you have the vocal confidence you need to succeed.

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I turned the corner and it was GONE…


All that stood in place of our FAVORITE RESTAURANT IN THE WHOLE WORLD was a sign saying they would rebuild and be back in 2019. I mean, I was just there a couple months ago – what in the world???

Let me rewind a sec and give you some context – ​

I spent 4 days last week about an hour from home in beautiful Laguna Beach, California at a mastermind with one of my business mentors, James Wedmore. I learned so much about designing my business, connected with so many brilliant entrepreneurs, and came away with a new focus for what’s ahead and how I can help more people. Since it was on the way home, I thought I’d make a stop at The Crab Cooker in Newport Beach and pick up my hubby’s favorite, the perfect shrimp cocktail and smoked albacore with homemade tartar sauce. The Crab Cooker holds a special place for us – we’ve been going there for several decades – since our dating years, picking up market service and going to the beach to eat. We don’t get there as often as we’d like, so whenever I’m in the area I like to stop by and pick up his favorite treat to bring home.

It was a beautiful evening. Sunroof was open, music blaring – but when I turned the corner and looked to my left – I could not believe my eyes. The iconic red building that had stood in that spot since 1951 was GONE. The quirky little red restaurant with green striped awnings and a stuffed great white shark hanging from its ceiling was now just a memory.

This.  Is now this.   Sigh.

A quick Google search told me that the Crab Cooker was being rebuilt because its foundation suffered irreparable damage when a new condo complex was built next door. The cost to repair it was greater than the cost to tear it down and rebuild, so the owner made a very emotional decision to start over. (His father had opened the business in 1951 and worked there, greeting his customers, until right before he passed away in his 90s last year.) Tough decision, with so much emotion attached – but the alternative was to piece together repairs that would only serve to prolong the inevitable. My husband the builder explained to me that the old foundation was too shallow and just could not hold up to the trauma of having a new 4 story building built next door. it needed a DEEP foundation of pylons reaching bedrock for the building to be stable.

Lately I’ve been looking for the lesson to be learned in experiences like this. It occurred to me I have been hanging on to an old, shallow foundation. Old ideas about money and business and old “what if” thoughts that have done nothing but hold me back. Like the Crab Cooker restaurant, I have spent three years shoring up the old foundation in a desperate attempt to make it work for what I was trying to build on top of it. I’ve come to the realization that won’t work. The past week was a tearing down of that foundation for me. It’s time to rebuild, beginning with a new mindset.

Are you there too, my friend?

Are you holding on to something great and not speaking up? Maybe you are vying for a promotion at work, or you want to start that podcast, or you are holding back from sharing your message to the world because you think no one will like your voice.  Okay, I’m gonna say it:

Poppycock. (Do people say that anymore?)

You just need a little dose of confidence and clarity – and I’m here for you. Soon I’ll be opening the doors to the new and improved 7 Day Vocal Makeover where you can learn a few quick tips to uncover your story and unlock your authentic voice so you can unleash your important message to the world! In just seven days, you’ll have the foundation you need to speak your message with confidence. There will also be a group coaching experience in a judgment-free zone where you can practice your message and receive feedback and encouragement. If that sounds like something you could use, click here to be added to the waitlist. We will be blasting off in November so you’ll be ready with a foundation of vocal confidence when you jump into the new year!

To your success,


P.S. The first episode of my upcoming podcast, Voicing Your Brand, is in the can and will be on iTunes by NEXT WEEK! Stay tuned for more details!! (I’m SOOOO excited!!)