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Empty Nest Empires Episode 24: How to Make Extra Money From Home THIS WEEK with Ernestine Tebong-Spreemann

Empty Nest Empires Episode 24: How to Make Extra Money From Home THIS WEEK with Ernestine Tebong-Spreemann

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Ernestine Tebon-Spreemann had her first experience with making extra money by selling mangoes at age 8 in Camaroon, West Africa. She has been hooked on the side hustle ever since. Fast forward to now, and she transformed her failing brick and mortar consignment shop into an online shopping experience on the Poshmark app. Still working her 9 to 5 job, Ernestine believes everyone can and should have a way to make money on the side. In this interview, she will inspire you to find things in your own closet to begin a side hustle selling what you no longer need or wear. Who knows? This may develop into a great income, or even a full time reselling business! (FYI, Ernestine makes about $1,000 for every $200 she spends at a thrift store.) You might want to click here to download the Poshmark App so you can follow along while we chat about this.

Ernestine tells us all her tips – including how to price your items, how to prepare them to sell – and how she catalogs and stores over 800 items in her very small house… and how she can find them again after they have sold!

Let’s learn how to do this together! Join the Side Hustle Challenge going on RIGHT NOW here: tamiromani.com/hustle You could earn $200 to $1,000 or more by Saturday!

Connect with Ernestine on her Poshmark Shop, Love That!:  https://poshmark.com/closet/lovethat

Podcast listeners save 20% by making her an offer of 20% off and mentioning TAMI in the comments.

Ernestine on Instagram: @lovethatposh https://www.instagram.com/lovethatposh/

and @ernestinespreemann  https://www.instagram.com/ernestinespreemann/

Ernestine on Facebook: Love That! Designer Consignments  https://www.facebook.com/Lovethatdesignerconsignments

Reach Ernestine by Email:  lovethatconsignments@gmail.com

Check out Tami’s Poshmark store here: https://poshmark.com/closet/blondemonium 

A God You’ve Never Met with Author Nikki Romani (Empty Nest Empires podcast, episode 23)

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Today’s episode is a very special interview with my daughter, Nikki Romani. Nikki has written and published her first book – available now on Amazon (nikkiromani.com/book). We talk about her experiences on the World Race, an 11 month missions trip, where her experiences led her to know the God she had never met – the Holy Spirit.

Do the miracles and spiritual encounters in the Bible still happen today? This is a question Nikki asked herself. She grew up going church and reading the Bible, but felt as though something was missing; an unexplainable power not of this world. Nikki started hearing stories of others experiencing miracles and she came to a point in her life she wanted to experience them too. She didn’t realize the same power she read about in the Bible was living inside of her from the moment she asked Jesus into her heart. That power is the Holy Spirit. Through Nikki’s desire to learn more about the Holy Spirit, she encountered Him in ways she never dreamed she would – from seeing angels, to witnessing miracles. You can encounter Him in this way too. In A God You’ve Never Met, you will learn: What it means to release control and surrender, What Scripture says about the Holy Spirit, How to hear the voice of God, How to discover your spiritual gifts, How to “see” in the spiritual realm. Are you ready to meet a God you’ve never met?

Purchase your copy of A God You’ve Never Met today on Amazon here: nikkiromani.com/book

Connect with Nikki on Instagram here: @nikkiromani

Don’t Make This Mistake in Your Online Business (Empty Nest Empires podcast, episode 22)

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A quick Google search for “what is the number one mistake entrepreneurs make?” comes up with a long list of oops, but most certainly at the very top are not starting sooner and waiting too long to launch a product or service. So let’s talk about what might be holding you back from stepping in to your calling…

There are many reasons for hesitating. In this episode, i describe my fear and confusion about running an online business… but many people tell me they would start speaking to their potential customers is they didn’t hate their voice so much! What?!! Your voice is just fine – it’s part of what makes you, YOU.

BUT, if it’s your voice that is stopping you – let’s fix that. Join A Confident Voice now and in just 4 weeks you’ll wonder why you ever put the brakes on starting! Go to aconfidentvoice.com to sign up! 

Your Story Can Unlock Healing for Others (Empty Nest Empires podcast, episode 21)

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I woke up one morning this week with this phrase running through my mind: “YOUR STORY MAY HOLD A KEY TO UNLOCK HEALING FOR SOMEONE ELSE.”

This has never happened to me before – I will sometimes wake up with a song, but never have I heard such a profound declaration the minute I wake up. But that’s just what this was. 

Storytelling is such an important part of leaving a legacy, I wonder if this message is for you today? Are you telling your stories? Let’s talk about it…


I want to hear from you! What story do you need to share? Connect with me – I’m @tamiromani on all social media platforms. I’m especially loving Instagram these days.

If you have a story to share but you are holding yourself back because you need more confidence in speaking, A Confident Voice group coaching with me opens next week. Let’s spend 4 weeks getting you past your roadblocks and on to making an impact with your stories. Go to AConfidentVoice.com to sign up!

How to Have Confident Brilliance with Renita D. Terry (Empty Nest Empires Podcast, episode 20)

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Renita has always introduced herself as a 5th generation educator and 3rd generation musician. While she has years of experience in the corporate world, she is now driven to transition out of that role and help others design a life of Confident Brilliance.

Renita says in order to show up for the world, we all need to operate from a place of confidence, in spite of the fact that we all may fight imposter syndrome. To practice showing up is what gives you confidence. 

In this episode, Renita says that we all are probably more brilliant than we realize. She lays out steps to unlock that brilliance in a way that makes sense for everyone. Whether you are in a time of transition and exploring your options, or you know the direction you are going and just need to connect with your brilliance on a deeper level of confidence, you’ll enjoy this interview with Renita D. Terry.

Renita says it’s important to ask yourself these two questions:

Where have you shown up lately?

Where do you show up on a consistent basis?

Renita says the goal to showing up consistently is to create a system.

Here are some books mentioned by Renita in this episode:

Show Your Work! By Austin Kleon  https://amzn.to/32zZWwT

Linchpin: Are you Indispensable? By Seth Godin  https://amzn.to/32FLROA

Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff  https://amzn.to/32wGy3M

Mastery by Robert Greene  https://amzn.to/2T8Hto1

Be sure to reach out to Renita and let her know you heard her on the Empty Nest Empires podcast. Connect with Renita on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/renitadterry/

And find out more about her program, Confident Brilliance, by signing up here: www.renitadterry.com/confidenttami

*** i hope you will join us in A Confident Voice – The next round of group coaching will take place in March of 2020 and I’d love to see you there! A Confident Voice will give you a place to learn how to move past your roadblock of not liking your voice so you can speak and teach with confidence and clarity. Go to AConfidentVoice.com to learn more!

The Gift of the Enneagram with Tammy Helfrich (Empty Nest Empires podcast, episode 19)

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Personality Tests. How many have you taken, and are they helpful? Today we are going to talk about one that’s been around a long time but is now gaining popularity – The Enneagram. My guest expert is Tammy Helfrich of tammyhelfrich.com – Tammy is a coach, speaker, writer, and podcast host with a passion for helping women remember who they are and honor their deepest, truest self. The Enneagram is very helpful with that. 

So today, we dive in to what the Enneagram is all about and how it can help you in your daily life, in your relationships, and in your work. As Tammy says, “The gift of the enneagram is to see that people are wired differently, and that we all have different gifts we bring to the world.”

Connect with Tammy at her website here: TammyHelfrich.com

And on Instagram here: @TammyHelfrichCoaching
Listen to Tammy’s podcast: Intentional Life with Tammy Helfrich