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The First Pillar of Building an Empire is FITNESS! (Episode 1 – Empty Nest Empires)

If you don’t have your health, you will struggle with any kind of empire building or legacy leaving… Okay, so let’s start with Fitness. I could have called it Health, but that doesn’t start with the letter F. Also, I wanted to challenge us a bit on what that word Fitness means. Now, I realize that when most of us hear the word Fitness, we automatically disqualify ourselves. We think of all the images we’ve seen over the years of quote FITNESS MODELS, and compare ourselves to that. But I’m gonna take this a different direction. What if we each had our own very personalized notion of what fitness is FOR US?

Are You Having FUN Yet? Pillar #2 (Empty Nest Empires, Episode 2)

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The next empire we build just screams to follow after Fitness because the two are connected – and that is FUN.

One of my best friends says you have to Plan to Play…. And oh boy, is she right! The worry and cares of life often overtake us, and I’ll just bet that weeks or even months can go by without you doing something fun. Am I right? Think back: WHEN was the last time you laughed so hard your face hurt? Or danced with a big smile on your face? Or took a drive to a place that makes you smile? If I’m honest, I have to say it’s been at least a few weeks for me (and that was because we were at a wedding.) 

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the have tos of life, that we forget to include the get tos. Think about it, we Have to work for money to survive, but we get to share a meal with friends we haven’t seen in awhile. The have tos are a given… but if we make a plan – plan to play, like my friend Staci says, we can pepper some get tos in between and make life richer. Do you have a friend with the gift of planning fun times? When we dive deep, I’m sure we’ll find those friends share the same Enneagram number or some such thing, but these times are vital to our very survival. It would be good for us all to take a cue from Staci and plan to play now and then.

I hope you enjoy this preview of what’s to come as we talk about building an empire of FUN.

Welcome to Empty Nest Empires!

Every day we are building empires – creating a legacy to leave behind. Whether we mean to or not, we build empires in faith, our relationships with family and friends, our level of fitness in body mind and spirit, even by having fun – and of course our finances. Most of the time we let the chips fall where they may, but what if we were more intentional about the empires we are building? Hosted by Tami Romani, an empty nest mom and grandma with a passion for leaving a legacy.

Welcome to the Empty Nest Empires podcast!

How to Tell a Better Brand Story with Olivia M. Gonzalez – Voicing Your Brand Podcast, episode 17

My guest today is Olivia M. Gonzalez – she is the CEO, Copy Curator, and Chief Brand Messaging & Development Strategist of OMG Brand Story, LLC. Olivia has established herself as a Communications Consultant and Copywriting Expert with over 10 years of experience shaping culture and engagement for national organizations. She helps business owners create brand stories that drive engagement, reinforce company culture, and effectively create a positive impact on their bottom line. She does this by working with brands to attain clarity of their brand voice and identity — and she helps businesses communicate their unique brand magic to attract, convert, and retain business while expanding their circle of influence, impact, and income.

You’ll hear in a moment how Olivia and I met – it was one of those God moments that you just can’t plan. She is a dynamo in person, and everyone who works with her gets that fire, along with her ten years of working in this industry, helping big brands tell a better story. 

Olivia says that having a brand story used to be a “nice to have” and now it is a “must have” for your business. 

In this lively conversation, Olivia shares her top three areas to focus on when crafting your brand story:

  • Know Your Audience
  • Identify What’s Universally Unique to Your Brand – there is a need to identify what’s unique but that is also a shared value with your audience to drive connection
  • Don’t Make Statements — Tell Stories

If you’d like to work with Olivia, check out the Work With Me section of her website at www.omgbrandstory.com Use this Exclusive Code for 15% Off All Consulting Services: VYB2019 (good through December 31, 2019) AND you should go right now to omgbrandstory.com/brandmagicmap to get on her waitlist for the Brand Magic Map online course launching soon – or, send an email to info@oliviamgonzalez.com  – just be sure to type “Brand Magic Map” in the subject line. 

Her adventures happen on Instagram here: @theoliviamgonzalez

How to Stop Using Filler Words in Your Speech (Voicing Your Brand Podcast, episode 16)

Using filler words is one of the most common ways your speech fluidity is stifled. You’ve heard it in others, but are you aware when you are doing it yourself?

Let’s start with the definition. When you use filler words, it just means you are filling natural pauses in your speech pattern with something other than words that continue your concrete thought. Instead of a pause or a blank space, you fill that with a word, a sound or even a phrase. Some of the more common filler words and phrases are like, ah, um, so, do you know what I mean?, I’m like… some people even fill that space with a smacking noise. 

Using filler words is a normal part of speech BUT if used excessively, it keeps your listener from hearing your message. The first way to find out if you have this habit, you need to do some self-assessment. Listen to a recording you’ve done – or record something new if you don’t have one. Make a list of the things you’d like to work on. If it’s filler words, Tami shares some tips to teach yourself to stop doing this.

The first option is to practice closing your mouth during a pause to remove the ability for any sound to come out during that pause. A second way to break this habit is to enlist the help of a friend who will remind you when you use filler words, Toastmasters actually has someone at the back of the room ringing a bell they call the “ah bell” – some chapters even collect a 25 cent fine for each filler word used during a speech. If you are by yourself, tap your leg or your wrist each time you use a filler word. This will help with awareness and you will retrain your brain and your mouth to stop using filler words.

It takes some conscious work and practice, but in time you will break yourself of this habit and have a voice that is heard!

If you’d like to join Tami’s group coaching program called A Confident Voice, go to aconfidentvoice.com and join the waitlist!