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Facebook is broken!! (Now what?)

What do I do??????

In case you haven’t noticed, both Facebook and Instagram were down for much of the day. Worldwide.

(And on a day I planned the first of several live coaching calls into my VIP Facebook group for my Confident Voice course.) I mean, get yourself together, internet!

We have become so dependent on social media for promotions and making connections that we forget the human element to business. It was a wakeup call for me, for sure. I spent the first half of my morning trying in vain to upload the same short videos to my Instagram stories, and the second half making plans to go turn my phone in for a new one! Then I turned to The Google for help where I found a website called downdetector – Here’s a quick video I made to give you an overview of that site:

After being assured this was not my problem, and there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I COULD DO ABOUT IT, I was able to exhale a bit.

Ridiculous, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

Even though I now knew the problem, I had to think about my other options…

  • Number one being email.
  • Another one, the phone. (Yes, I do know no one makes actual phone calls anymore – but what if we did?)
  • Then there’s Twitter (which was HOPPING today),
  • and LinkedIn.
  • Meetings can be held on Zoom…
  • Snapchat was an option,
  • as well as TikTok. (What?)

So breathe a sigh of relief knowing it’s not you – it’s them!

But I do want to know – if it happens again, what will you do to connect with your customers/clients/prospects/team/tribe?

More details coming…

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Ah, fun day of tech issues. Maybe it’s time to go watch a movie…

Is Netflix still working?

To Your Success,