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What does a photo of me getting up close and personal with the REAL Matterhorn have to do with my coaching and consulting services?

You’d think nothing, right? Except that this photo represents the moment I realized a lifelong dream to see the Matterhorn. You see, I’ve always loved the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland, and at some point in my childhood I learned that it was a copy of a real place. From then on it became a dream to see it one day, and about 50 years later, that finally happened. 

What are your dreams? I guarantee you we will have fun discovering them and bringing them to the front of your agenda. Your dream of building a business is a big one, and just one part of that construction process is connecting with your tribe. Are you ready to take your social media and live video game to the next level and BE HEARD?

“Everyone’s live broadcasting on social media now, but I’m so unsure of myself.”

“I really don’t like how I sound when I talk – how can I get people to hear my message?”

“I’m just afraid to get started. People will laugh at me.”

“Can’t you just do this for me? You sound so good!”

These are just a few of the things my fellow small business owners have approached me with, asking for help with their communication strategy as they build their brand. And they’re right, to a point – there is a right time to hire a professional voice talent to put the best sound to your brand. AND there is also a time for you to speak for yourself. To share your passion and your vision. No one can do that but YOU.

Perhaps you just need to talk through some ideas. Maybe you need encouragement, or even another pair of eyes on your print media before you launch.

If you’d like help with knowing when to hire a pro and when to voice your own brand, let’s talk. I just may be able to steer you in the right direction. Let’s have a brief consultation call to determine if I can help you, then we can come up with a plan tailored specifically to your needs. Together we will UNCOVER, UNLOCK and UNLEASH your authentic voice!

What’s your Matterhorn?

Let’s explore your options for connecting with your perfect customer so you can start aiming higher and reaching the peak of your online business experience!