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As an empty nester myself, I know how crazy these years can be. Not everyone sails into the empty nest years with glee like we see in Instagram photo shoots lately. Some of us are searching for what’s next. Some of us have an idea about what could be next, but we have no idea how to implement that.That was me, eight years ago. I came into the social media world kicking and screaming, so to speak. My cousins repeatedly asked me to join Facebook and I repeatedly answered NO. Fact is, it was unknown territory to me and I was afraid of it. Then my son studied abroad, and I joined Facebook in hopes of getting a glimpse into what he was doing all those months across the pond. I started noticing something. People were using Facebook to connect, sure – but they were also promoting their businesses there! Fascinated, I wondered if I could promote my current business or even start up a new one and find my customers on Facebook.

My innate need for learning new things soon took over and I found myself jumping in to the deep end. I flailed a bit. Almost drowned a couple times. Spent a LOT of money on courses and coaching – but eventually, I found my zone of genius.

Which brings us to you. You don’t want to spend the next eight years figuring all this out, am I right? You have an idea that might work, or you already have a business or even a brick and mortar store and you want to know how to effectively market yourself in the online space.

I’ve got a few ideas – let’s stay connected. Scroll Down for more…

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