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Our third pillar I am calling Family and Friends = or maybe just Framily for short…

When building empires and leaving a legacy – the first people we think of would be family, right? But I am keenly aware that some people don’t have family, or they don’t have a healthy family, and so, their friends are their family. So for our purposes, whenever I say FAMILY, I mean all of it.  Both are so important.

When you google family legacy, websites like Forbes will have a financial take on things, and we will get to that later when we talk about the Finance pillar of Empire building. For now, I want to introduce the concept of leaving a powerful family legacy in another way.  All families have a set of beliefs, values and attitudes that are passed down through generations. Some are beautiful, some are harmful – but they exist, nonetheless. It is possible to redirect a harmful family legacy and reestablish a new one of hope and beauty, but it takes intentional action to do so. If you’re an empty nester, you may think it’s too late – your kids are grown, maybe out of the house – but working on yourself to change first, will create a ripple effect through the family. It will. But you have to Be patient. That’s what empire building and legacy leaving is all about. The long game.

In future episodes, we will dive deeper in what it means to have a heritage. And what it means to pass down a heritage. A legacy. We will talk with those who have done it well, those who have turned around a negative heritage and those who are being intentional daily to leave a legacy of hope for their family – even if the kids are grown and out of the house. We will talk about grandparenting – and as a grandma, this topic is near and dear to my heart. We lost a friend of ours to cancer several years ago. At her memorial service, I watched intently as, one by one, each of her four grandchildren paid tribute to her. This grandma was so intentional with each of them, it just made my heart swell. They were now well into their high school and college years, and they each could list countless times when their grandmother sewed seeds of kindness into them. She made a point to spend alone time with each grandchild, and taught each of them how to cook, bake, and play fun games. I did not have grandchildren yet when we lost this friend – but I think of her nearly every day when I plan how to be the most excellent grandma to my current and future grandchildren. Yes, we will talk about this more in future episodes, and I’m excited to bring even more ideas to your grandparenting skills. So stay tuned.

Yes, family legacies can be changed. Being intentional to bring forth the excellent things, and let go of the negative could, quite honestly, change the course of history. Your words and your actions have great power, and You never know who in your family will become someone great because of your input into their life.

Ah, yes – this will be a good topic. I’m looking forward to diving deeper into this one. 

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