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I Can Help

your Brand Has a story

Every brand has a story. How well you tell that story determines your impact on the world. Using live video on social media is the best way to connect personally with your potential clients, but how do you do that? 

I like to call myself a Brand Voice Strategist and a Business Communication Consultant. (I know that covers a lot of ground – you can see a list of my services here.)

What that means is I help business owners and brand representatives feel comfortable when they are being the voice of their own brand on social media or in a public speaking venue, and I also help them to know when to hire a professional voice for maximum impact in their marketing efforts. 

As a voiceover talent for more than 30 years, I love being the voice of a brand, but I also know that in this age of social media it’s vital for an entrepreneur to connect with their followers on a much more personal level – with live video on social media. My business owner friends have been coming to me for years for help with being more confident about their voices. Now, more than ever, it’s important for an entrepreneur to learn how to feel comfortable in their own voice when they are going live to connect with their tribe. Just as important is knowing when it’s best to use a professional voice for maximum impact, and I can help with that, too. If my voice isn’t a fit for your brand, I’ll help you find one from my large network of voice-over professionals who are ready and willing to help. 

Take a look at the services I offer here, then head over to my scheduling page, and let’s get started Voicing Your Brand!