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What’s Holding You Back? 4 Things to Consider… [Voicing Your Brand, Episode 4]

In this episode, Tami discusses the 3 things that held her back from launching this podcast for more than a year, even though she KNEW it was what she should do next. She talks about overcoming those obstacles and adds a 4th thing that might be holding you back from pursuing your purpose and calling.

  1. Voiceover is an anonymous profession. It’s much easier to hide behind a microphone and let my voice be heard without my name attached to the work, than produce something of substance with my name on it and the outcome attached to my personal brand. It feels very vulnerable.
  2. Imposter Syndrome – who hasn’t felt they are not qualified for the job they are called to do?
  3. Perfectionism – all chasing after perfectionism does is keep you from launching. Click here for Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection
  4. Your Voice – you think others won’t like it. For the most part, your voice is just fine. The 7 Day Vocal Makeover is coming up to help you have the vocal confidence you need to succeed.

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