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Jim Woods is an author, editor, writing coach, and storyteller… but he wasn’t always living into his calling. He was an accountant, and counting the days till he would be able to quit his job. In this episode of the Voicing Your Brand Podcast, we learn how Jim realized he was a writer and that he could make a living doing what he loves. His story of pushing past his fear and unlocking his authentic voice will inspire and uplift you.

Do you think you might be a writer? Jim invites you to connect with him and have a talk – for less than the cost of a coffee ($3.99), you can book a Storycrafting call here.

For more information about Jim Woods, go to his website: Jim Woods Writes

Other resources mentioned in this episode:

Jim’s books on Amazon: Ready Aim Fire! and Focus Booster

The quote, “Do the art that’s in your heart” courtesy of Jump Into the Arts

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