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Keenya Kelly is an accomplished business executive, teacher and inspirational speaker – she found her voice by writing and speaking about understanding your God-given purpose and living up to your fullest potential. She has a powerful message of overcoming fear, self-doubt and divorce to create successful six-figure businesses.

But she didn’t start out that way. After a painful divorce, Keenya felt her voice had been silenced. She had lost everything. Yet, she still had big expectations and big faith and DECIDED this was going to be THAT. She made up her mind to succeed, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Keenya says everyone should have a job, a dream and a hustle. Her end goal is to have a thriving ministry, but she doesn’t want to be a broke minister! In this episode of Voicing Your Brand, Keenya shares her journey to clarity and finding her voice for business. She says the secret is taking action: action creates clarity.

I hope you will enjoy her story and will be able to take away some nuggets of wisdom for your own life.

  • Learn all about Keenya and how she can help your business by visiting her website: KeenyaKelly.com

** Thanks for joining me on the podcast today! We will continue with Keenya next week when we go deeper into the topic of branding your business for success!

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