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Nicki Krawczyk (KRAW-zick) is a professional copywriter with more than 15 years of experience writing for big brands like Adidas, TripAdvisor, and T.J.Maxx as well as with small businesses and solopreneurs. She also owns a company that teaches people how to become professional copywriters. She’s dedicated to helping everyone perfect their messages and connect with their perfect target audiences. I’m thrilled to have her as our guest on today’s episode of Voicing Your Brand.

Nicki says it’s so important to get your messaging right. A confused customer will not buy from you. Don’t get hung up on your industry buzzwords, which might actually be a turn off to your potential clients – focus instead on words your customers use to describe their pain points. This will give them a clear picture of how you can serve them. Knowing what benefits your target audience is searching for and focusing on them will help you craft effective copy that gets results.

Get in the habit of testing your copy by gauging reactions you are getting. Nicki suggests you experiment by using different subject lines or calls to action on your emails, writing posts on Instagram and Facebook. When people respond, start a conversation and ask them what would be helpful for them. When you know what people want, you can highlight that in your promotions!

What is your brand voice? What personality traits do you want to use when you are writing? Nicki has some great suggestions for how to discover this and then how to create a brand voice checklist you can use to check your copy against as you write future material.

I absolutely loved this conversation with Nicki, and I can see how helpful it is to use her techniques to uncover your brand’s very special story. You have a unique place in the world, and finding your own way to stand out and tell that story is so important. It’s all about how we serve people!

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