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Brock Johnson is a college student athlete with a passion for helping others create connections and grow their brands using short-form video! As Co-host of the Build Your Tribe Podcast, instructor of multiple online courses, and an online entrepreneur, Brock has helped thousands of entrepreneurs learn to use quick video clips to connect and build their business! His mission is to help you grow your brand, and effectively market using Stories!

As Brock tells his story about becoming an entrepreneur, you will quickly see he is no ordinary college football player. He is on a mission to help as many people as he can by teaching them the art of the story. Or, more accurately, stories. Brock believes you don’t have just one story to tell, you have millions of micro stories that can be told in short increments on social media to connect with your perfect customer and in effect, increase your earning potential.

As you begin thinking about what stories you can tell – Brock has several suggestions about how to keep track of those stories and how to then recall them at the appropriate time in your storytelling to make an impact. He outlines how to know what will connect with people and how to navigate the direct messages you will receive and how to best respond to them.

When you tell your stories with emotion, Brock explains how mirror neurons in their brains cause them to connect with you on a deeper level. People do business and take advice from those they know, like, and trust – this is the goal of every marketer. Bringing personal emotion (not drama) into your stories will help you reach this goal.

Everyone can relate to the feeling of “what do I do next?” Brock has quite a story about taking time off from social media and making a choice to feed his soul rather than his bank account.

He also gives tips on how to choose the right social media platform for you – it’s all about evaluating who your ideal audience is, and finding the platform they are using, and also what platform you are most comfortable with. Brock also shares how to “dress” your existing videos for use on another platform by making some simple tweaks.

I think you will enjoy the wisdom from this young entrepreneur who can teach so much!

You will enjoy following Brock for his solid marketing information, and his funny antics and comedic ability will definitely bring a smile!

Here’s how to find Brock – reach out to him and send him a message about hearing this interview!

Instagram: @brock11johnson

YouTube: Brock11Johnson.TV

Website: Brock11Johnson.com

Facebook: Brock11Johnson


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You have a story (or should I say many stories) to tell – let’s make it happen!

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