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My guest today is Olivia M. Gonzalez – she is the CEO, Copy Curator, and Chief Brand Messaging & Development Strategist of OMG Brand Story, LLC. Olivia has established herself as a Communications Consultant and Copywriting Expert with over 10 years of experience shaping culture and engagement for national organizations. She helps business owners create brand stories that drive engagement, reinforce company culture, and effectively create a positive impact on their bottom line. She does this by working with brands to attain clarity of their brand voice and identity — and she helps businesses communicate their unique brand magic to attract, convert, and retain business while expanding their circle of influence, impact, and income.

You’ll hear in a moment how Olivia and I met – it was one of those God moments that you just can’t plan. She is a dynamo in person, and everyone who works with her gets that fire, along with her ten years of working in this industry, helping big brands tell a better story. 

Olivia says that having a brand story used to be a “nice to have” and now it is a “must have” for your business. 

In this lively conversation, Olivia shares her top three areas to focus on when crafting your brand story:

  • Know Your Audience
  • Identify What’s Universally Unique to Your Brand – there is a need to identify what’s unique but that is also a shared value with your audience to drive connection
  • Don’t Make Statements — Tell Stories

If you’d like to work with Olivia, check out the Work With Me section of her website at www.omgbrandstory.com Use this Exclusive Code for 15% Off All Consulting Services: VYB2019 (good through December 31, 2019) AND you should go right now to omgbrandstory.com/brandmagicmap to get on her waitlist for the Brand Magic Map online course launching soon – or, send an email to info@oliviamgonzalez.com  – just be sure to type “Brand Magic Map” in the subject line. 

Her adventures happen on Instagram here: @theoliviamgonzalez