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My passion is helping you succeed!

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Every brand has a story. How well you tell that story determines your impact on the world. Using live video on social media is the best way to connect personally with your potential clients, but how do you do that? And what are the tricks to make your voice come across with confidence?

You may want to tell your story with a professional voice, but don’t know how to begin the scripting and audition process to find the right voice. Let’s come up with a plan.


Your team is smart – they know WHAT to say – but maximizing the reach of your message comes from knowing HOW to say it.  The Wall Street Journal has said, “The sound of a speaker’s voice matters twice as much as the content of the message.” Developing your team’s speaking presence is critical to the success of your projects. Connect with me to discuss a personalized plan for your team.

Get the scoop!

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Yes, I want to know all the things about unleashing my brand's voice!

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Get the scoop!

Adobestock 83104768 (1)

Yes, I want to know all the things about unleashing my brand's voice!

We hate spam & promise to keep your email safe Powered by ConvertKit


Are you lost in the world of social media? Have an account but you are not sure what to do about it? Or just want an evaluation of how you’re doing & some tips on making your brand stand out from the crowd? Let’s go over a few things together and get you on your way to making real connections.


Your event keeps you busy and on your toes – the last thing you need to think about is posting to social media! Let’s talk about how to give your event the coverage that will leave your followers wishing they were there.


Your business needs to convey a professional image. Whether commercial, a polished telephone presence, eLearning, narration, audiobooks, internal training videos – all of these fall into my voiceover wheelhouse. I’d love to help you tell your brand’s story! Click below to hear my voiceover demos, and send me an email to connect: tami@tamiromanivo.com


Behind the stage or on it, I can represent the spirit of your event with a smile and enthusiasm. Most recently the voice of the California Women’s Conference, I’d love to explore how I can help communicate your message to attendees of your next event.


Maybe you’d like to skip the expense and time commitment of one on one coaching and study this for yourself. I get that – it’s how I do most of my learning, too. I love digging in on a weekend or quiet evening and figuring out the best way to implement all the info in an online course.

I’ve had many requests, so courses are coming soon. Click the box below to be added to a waiting list so you’re the first to hear about them!


Every creative entrepreneur needs multiple income streams. Remember the days of working long hours waiting tables or selling sporting goods while waiting for work to come in? Those days are over. Now it’s easier to create the lifestyle you want on your schedule. (And have a boatload of FUN while doing it!)

It’s a new economy, the YOU economy, and the opportunities are limitless. It’s not for everyone, but you owe it to your future self to explore your options. Let’s explore if working with me and Nerium International is a fit for us.